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    These kids are what give me purpose in life, they provide my joy and give me hope.

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March 16, 2010



Dave, you rock! I now have something nice to read about myself on those days when I've seen one too many eyes roll from my older kids, wiped the same poopy bum (not mine) one too many times, and repeatedly tripped over the cords of the two broken vacuums hanging out in my living room that has popcorn and smashed cereal all over the floor and really needs to be vacuumed. I wonder if this is how Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn felt as they witnessed their own funeral and heard so many nice things said about them. I'm, oh, so flattered.

And p.s. Despite what you may think, I have actually been at my kitchen window watching when you dumped your Wendy's sack in our garbage. ;) Saw it with my own eyes.

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